Carbon Offsets Set New Company Milestone for Earth Day 2012

CLEARWATER, Fla. – April 20, 2012 -- Avantair, Inc., (OTCBB: AAIR), the industry leader of fractional aircraft ownership in the light jet cabin category and the only publicly traded stand-alone private aircraft operator, announced that it has offset 15 million pounds of CO2 since 2007 through the Flight TerraPass program. For 2012, Avantair expects to offset more than 1.8 million pounds of CO2.

Avantair’s fleet of Piaggio Avantis produces the lowest amount of carbon emissions in the industry, featuring cutting-edge engineering that reduces the plane's CO2 output by approximately 35 percent compared with other fractional providers’ aircraft.

These offsets equal the CO2 emissions from 1,343 passenger vehicles taken off the road, 767,937 gallons of vehicle fuel or 15,930 barrels of oil.

“Our fleet of Piaggio Avanti aircraft offers many distinct advantages, one of which is that we burn far less fuel than our competitors’ equipment,” said Avantair CEO Steven Santo. “The green aspects of our aircraft are an important attribute for our customers. We recognize that while flying privately is a choice, acting responsibly for the environment is a collective obligation. We value our relationship with TerraPass and encourage all businesses to be concerned about the environmental impact of their operations.”

Avantair was the first fractional in the industry to begin offsetting carbon emissions by purchasing Flight TerraPass for all new owners. TerraPass is the leading retailer and marketer of greenhouse gas reduction offsets. It was launched in 2004 and funds clean energy and efficiency projects that reduce greenhouse gases. TerraPass credits fund three types programs: (1) clean energy such as wind; (2) farm power such as dairy farm methane digesters; and (3) landfill gas capture which reduces the impact of human waste.

About Avantair

Avantair, the sole North American provider of fractional shares, leases and flight time cards in the Piaggio Avanti aircraft, and the only publicly traded stand-alone private aircraft operator, is headquartered in Clearwater, FL, with more than 500 employees. The Company offers private travel solutions for individuals and businesses traveling within its service area, which includes the continental U.S., parts of Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico, at a fraction of the cost of whole aircraft ownership. The Company currently manages a fleet of 57 aircraft. For more information about Avantair, please visit: www.avantair.com

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